Microsoft over the last twelve months has been renaming Azure Active Directory to Entra ID.

A new blog post from Microsoft details all the changes in EntraID – link.

The forefront of this is to protect the identities and access of all its users. In the current world of social media, working from home and most people’s activities being on the internet, cyberattacks, scammers and phishing campaigns are more frequent and sophisticated affecting everyone and organizations.

Microsoft Entra ID Protection (currently Azure AD Identity Protection) will help IT and identity practitioners prevent accounts from being compromised.

Microsoft Entra ID Governance enhance productivity and security

Microsoft Entra External ID build more secure, flexible and people-centric authentication experiences in customer and partner applications

Microsoft Entra Verified ID verify once, use everywhere

New dashboard have been rolled out as well for Entra

No action is needed from users as part of this change from Microsoft


Microsoft Entra product family

See more at Microsoft Entra website